Entrepreneurial and Innovative Practices in Public Institutions: A Quality of Life Approach

Book by Leitão, João and Alves, Helena: This volume discusses the importance of adopting entrepreneurial and innovation practices in the public sector, as mechanisms for detecting, dealing with and including citizens’ social needs, with a reflection on positive determination of their quality of life. It focuses on critical reflection and rethinking the articulation between the dimensions of transformation – entrepreneurship and innovation – of New Public Management (NPM). In this way the book contributes to deepening knowledge about the implications of this change in the organizational paradigm of the public sector for citizens’ quality of life, which is treated multi-dimensionally here, including citizens’ well-being, purchasing power, happiness, trust, safety, experience and satisfaction.
The volume constitutes a reference guide for decision makers, managers and policy makers engaged in the public sector who want to differentiate their performance by fostering entrepreneurial and innovative practices in the scope of public administration that can enhance citizens’ quality of life. This volume is also a reference guide for scholars, policy makers and practitioners interested on public innovation….(More)”