Global Data Barometer

Report and Site by the Global Data Barometer: “This report provides an overview of the Global Data Barometer findings. The Barometer includes 39 primary indicators, and over 500 sub-questions, covering 109 countries (delivering more than 60,000 data points in total). In this report, we select just a few of these to explore, providing a non-exhaustive overview of some of the topics that could be explored further using Barometer data.

  • Section 1 provides a short overview of the key concepts used in the Barometer, and a short description of the methodology.
  • Section 2 looks at the four key pillars of the Barometer (governance, capability, availability and use), and provides headlines from each.
  • Section 3 provides a regional analysis, drawing on insights from Barometer regional hubs to understand the unique context of each region, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of countries.
  • Section 4 provides a short summary of learning from the first edition, and highlights directions for future work.

The full methodology, and details of how to access and work further with Barometer data, are contained in Appendices…(More)”.