How are Italian Companies Embracing Open Data?

open-data-200-italy (1)Are companies embracing the use of open government data? How, why and what data is being leveraged? To answer these questions, the GovLab started a project three years ago, Open Data 500, to map and assess — in a comparative manner, across sectors and countries — the private sector’s use of open data to develop new products and services, and create social value.

Today we are launching Open Data 200 Italy, in partnership with Fondazione Bruno Kessler, which seeks to showcase the breadth and depth of companies using open data in Italy.

OD200 Italy is the first and only platform to map the use of open data by companies in Italy. 

Our findings show there is a growing ecosystem around open data in Italy that goes beyond traditional open data advocates. …

The OD200 Italy project shows the diversity of data being used, which makes it necessary to keep open data broad and sustained.

“The merits and use of open data for businesses are often praised but not supported by evidence. OD200 Italy is a great contribution to the evidence base of who, how and why corporations are leveraging open data,” said Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder of The GovLab and Chief Research and Development Officer. “Policy makers, practitioners and researchers can leverage the data generated by this initiative to improve the supply and use of open data, or to generate new insights. As such, OD200 Italy is a new open data set on open data.”…(More)”.