How Snapchat Is Recruiting Bone Marrow Donors

PSFK: “Every ten minutes, blood cancer takes a life away. One of the ways to treat this disease is through stem cell transplants that create healthy blood cells. Since 70% of patients who need a transplant cannot find a match in their family, they need to turn to outside donors. In an effort to increase the number of bone marrow donors in the registry, Be The Match turned to Snapchat to find male donors from the ages of 18 to 24.

The aim of the campaign “Be the Guy” is to release short videos on Snapchat of regular guys acting silly. This emphasizes the idea that literally anyone can save a life, no matter who—or how quirky—you are. With a swipe up, any Snapchat user will be directed to a form that makes it easy to sign up to be a donor. To complete the registration, all it takes is to receive a kit in the mail and mail back a swap from your cheek….(More)”