How to Use Social Media to Better Engage People Affected by Crises

Guide by the International Red Cross Federation: “Together with ICRC, and with the support of OCHA, we have published a brief guide on how to use social media to better engage people affected by crisis. The guide is geared towards staff in humanitarian organisations who are responsible for official social media channels.

In the past few years, the role of social media and digital technologies in times of disasters and crises has grown exponentially. During disasters like the 2015 Nepal earthquake, for instance, Facebook and Twitter were crucial components of the humanitarian response, allowing mostly local, but also international actors involved in relief efforts, to disseminate lifesaving messages. However, the use of social media by humanitarian organizations to engage and communicate with (not about) affected people is, to date, still vastly untapped and largely under researched and document¬ed in terms of the provision of practical guidance, both thematically and technically, good practices and lessons learned.

This brief guide, trying to address this gap, provides advice on how to use social media effectively to engage with, and be accountable to, affected people through practical tips and case studies from within the Movement and the wider sector…(Guide)”.