Human Factors in Big Data

Dossier by Jenny de Boer, Marc Steen, Maurice van Beurden, Alexander Toet, Susanne Tak, Jan van Erp en Ward Venrooij: “Much attention in Big Data is given to the technical challenges that arise. However, Human Factor challenges and opportunities are also relevant. Big Data provides human factor specialists with a new and rich way of data collection and data analysis of human factors patterns. Big Data also has implications on how human factors knowledge can be applied (and developed) to develop Big Data services that people are willing to use. How people are critical to the success of big data: This first article highlights the role of people in developing Data Driven Innovations. Visualising Uncertainty: In order to interpret Big Data, visualization of data is of great importance. This article gives insight in how to visualize predictive information based on Big Data. Measuring dashboard performance: In the third article, the development of a framework is described, that can be used to develop and test the quality of data presentation in dashboards….(More) “