India PM releases ‘official Narendra Modi app’

David Reid at The Telegraph: “Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, who is already the third most popular world leader on Twitter, has extended his reach on social media by launching his own mobile app.

The app gives users regular updates on Mr Modi’s movements, and includes blog posts, interviews and “messages from the PM”….

Users can listen live to the Indian prime minister’s regular radio show, Mann Ki Baat and read about Mr Modi’s rise from “humble beginnings” on the biography section.

Another article explains why Mr Modi “opposes move to include his life story in school syllabus”.

A loyalty scheme rewards supporters with points and badges for filling out questionnaires and listening to Mr Modi’s speeches.

Mr Modi, who has 13 million followers on Twitter, is not the first politician to launch a personal app, although they are usually reserved for campaigning.

As well as Twitter, Mr Modi also has Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube accounts and his own website….(More)