On-demand service could be Uber for blood collection

Springwise: Collecting blood for clinical and medical testing can be an arduous process, involving lots of travel, with the added annoyance of patients not turning up to appointments, and time wasted with doctors and phlebotomists.

But now a new phlebotomy service, Iggbo, is looking to change that. Blood collectors can become a freelancer with the new on-demand app; rather than employing a full-time phlebotomist, doctors can use the app to employ a freelancer who is paid per donation collected. The phlebotomists can collect donations at home, rather than having patients wait around for someone to take their blood.

Physicians can book clinical blood donations and Iggbo sends out the request via its smartphone app to its freelance phlebotomists. Iggbo also sends a number of reminders using text and email to ensure patients remember their appointments, and helps to book a new phlebotomist if something falls through.

The app even features an Uber-like ratings system, and Iggbo says it carefully vets all its collectors to ensure the service is safe and efficient. The company says the service will improve the efficiency of the healthcare system for blood testing and collection, and in doing so reduce overall costs….(More)”