On the Importance of Human-Centricity and Data

World Economic Forum: “…Human-centricity is a game changer in terms of unleashing the latent potential in data to empower societies. A human-centric shift in viewpoint is a simple, yet profound, change in thinking. It offers ground-breaking consequences for the availability, usability and quality of data for any person or organization, public or private. Far from being in conflict with the aims of business, human-centricity can drive new paradigms and ideas for innovation, capitalizing on the possibilities that better data availability can unleash for societies…

Organization-centric approaches turn data into resources for companies (business), control what organizations can and cannot do with data (regulation) and aim to enable the most efficient possible data utilization for data-controlling organizations (technology) — without fully taking into account the interests of people of society. In contast, a human-centric approach looks at data as it relates to people about whom that
data exists — while still accounting for the interests of business. Human-centric business models (be they B2C, B2B, or B2G) take people’s and societies’ interests as a guiding principle; regulation is designed in a way that assumes and guarantees that data about people is being used for their and their communities’ benefit, and technology prioritizes humane values (including social and ecological ones)….(More)”.