Philosophical Engineering: Toward a Philosophy of the Web

New book by Harry Halpin (Editor) and Alexandre Monnin (Editor) : “This is the first interdisciplinary exploration of the philosophical foundations of the Web, a new area of inquiry that has important implications across a range of domains.

  • Contains twelve essays that bridge the fields of philosophy, cognitive science, and phenomenology
  • Tackles questions such as the impact of Google on intelligence and epistemology, the philosophical status of digital objects, ethics on the Web, semantic and ontological changes caused by the Web, and the potential of the Web to serve as a genuine cognitive extension
  • Brings together insightful new scholarship from well-known analytic and continental philosophers, such as Andy Clark and Bernard Stiegler, as well as rising scholars in “digital native” philosophy and engineering
  • Includes an interview with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web”…