Portugal: Municipal Transparency Portal

The Municipal Transparency Portal is an initiative of the XIX constitutional Government to increase transparency of local public administration management toward citizens. Here are presented and made available a set of indicators regarding management of the 308 Portuguese municipalities, as well as their aggregation on inter-municipal entities (metropolitan areas and intermunicipal communities) when applicable.
The indicators are organized in 6 groups:

    • Financial management: financial indicators relating to indebtedness, municipal revenue and expenditure
    • Administrative management: indicators relating to municipal human resources, public procurement and transparency of municipal information
    • Fiscal decisions of municipality: rates determined by the municipalities on IMI, IRS and IRC surcharge
    • Economic dynamics of the municipality: indicators about local economic activity of citizens and businesses
    • Municipal services: indicators regarding the main public services with relevant intervention of municipalities (water and waste treatment, education and housing)
    • Municipal electoral turnout: citizen taking part in local elections and voting results.

More: http://www.portalmunicipal.pt/”