Power to Create

From the RSA: “In his 2014 Chief Executive’s lecture, Matthew Taylor will explore new thinking around the RSA’s core mission: to empower people to be capable, active participants in creating the world we want to live in.
The 21st century presents us with challenges of increasing scale and complexity, and yet we are failing to harness the ingenuity and skills of millions of individuals who could make a unique contribution towards our collective goals. Just as creativity is in ever greater demand, a vast resource of creative potential is going untapped.
In his lecture, Matthew will argue that we need to work towards a world that gives people the freedom to make the most of their capabilities. This will involve tackling the many constraints that limit individuals, and lock them out of the creative process.
Matthew argues that this can be done by combining new leadership and institutions that give us hope and excitement about the future, with a championing of individual creative endeavour and a 21st century spirit of solidarity and collaboration.
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