Re-Use Of Public Sector Open Data: Characterising The Phenomena

Paper by Josefin Lassinantti at the International Journal of Public Information Systems: “Despite the growing number of open data, re-use of this data is not reaching the expected levels and now this phenomenon seems hampered in its evolvement. Therefore, this study sets out to characterize the re-use of open data from public sector in order to increase our elaborate understanding of this practice, and does so by performing a literature review inspired by the processes for defining concepts, and contextualized within the historical evolvement of European open data policies. Apart from the identification of three main research approaches towards open data re-use and an elaborated definition of re-use, the findings led to the creation of a framework enabling us to see open data re-use as an iterative value-creating process in two different contexts, the public task context and the non-public task context. This process builds on three categories of meta-activities for reuse practice: 1) gaining access to and understanding data, 2) handling and re-purposing the data, and 3) creating broader value of data, as well as indications of value for whom. Lastly, implications of this re-use process and framework was discussed, along with implications of an identified practice-policy mismatch that risk hampering the future evolvement of open data re-use….(More)”.