Smarter State Case Studies

“Just as individuals use only part of their brainpower to solve most problems, governing institutions make far too little use of the skills and experience of those inside and outside of government with scientific credentials, practical skills, and ground-level street smarts. New data-rich tools—what The GovLab calls technologies of expertise—are making it possible to match the supply of citizen and civil servant talent to the demand for it in government to solve problems.

The Smarter State Case Studies examine how public institutions are using technologies of expertise, including:

Talent Bank – Professional, social and knowledge networks
Collaboration – Platforms for group work across silos
Project Platforms – Places for inviting new participants to work on projects
Toolkits – Repositories for shared content

Explore the design and key features of these novel platforms; how they are being implemented; the challenges encountered by both creators and users and the anticipated impact of these new ways of working.
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