New Social media platform called “State”: The simplest way to get your opinions heard.Just state about whatever matters to you, get counted and instantly see where you stand. When everyone’s opinion counts, the full picture emerges. This could make good things happen…
We set up State, because at the moment, most people never get heard. So we’re levelling the playing field for everyone by allowing them to express their opinions quickly and delivering them to the people who most need to hear them.
State lets people communicate in a lucid, non-competitive way. It’s a place where you don’t need hashtags, followers, or fame, just an opinion. The solution we lit upon was at the convergence of design simplicity and semantic intelligence. It allows people to express opinions in a quick and fun way that also provides enough information to interpret, count, and connect them.
For those in positions of leadership or influence, State offers the first many-to-one capability that can precisely map the prevailing sentiment on key issues. These are opinions shared spontaneously, not extracted from a survey.
We believe that everyone deserves a powerful voice online, no one should be left out, and when everyone’s opinions count, a more complete picture emerges. We firmly believe that this could make good things happen.