Tackling Challenges in the Engagement of Citizens with Smart City Initiatives

Paper by Long Pham and Conor Linehan: “Smart City (SC) initiatives offer best possible outcomes to  citizens and other stakeholders when those people are  involved centrally in all stages of the project. However,  undertaking design processes that facilitate citizen  engagement often involves prohibitive challenges in cost,  design and deployment mechanisms, particularly for small  cities that have limited resources. We report on a project  carried out in Cork City, a small city in Ireland, where a  method inspired by crowdsourcing was used to involve  local participants in decisions regarding smart city  infrastructure. Academics, local government, volunteers  and civil organisations came together to collaboratively  design and carry out a study to represent local interests  around the deployment of smart city infrastructure. Our  project demonstrates a new way of translating  crowdsourcing for use in government problem-solving. It  was comparatively inexpensive, creative in design, and  flexible but collaborative in deployment, resulting in high  volume of reliable data for project prioritisation and  implementation….(More)”