The Future of Citizen Engagement: five trends transforming government

Catherine Andrews at GovLoop: “Every year, citizen engagement seems to improve. New technologies are born; new innovations connect citizens with the government; new ideas start to take root.

It’s 2015, and citizen engagement has gone far beyond basic social media and town halls. As we make our way through the 21st century, citizen engagement is continuing to evolve. New platforms and concepts such as geographic information systems (GIS), GitHub, open data, human-centered design and novel uses of social media have challenged the traditional notions of citizen engagement and pushed government into uncharted territories. As citizens become more tech-savvy, this growth is only continuing.

This GovLoop guide will dive into five of the latest and newest trends in citizen engagement. From the customer experience to the Internet of Things, we’ll highlight the most innovative ways federal, state and local governments are connecting with citizens….(More)”