The Hand-Book of the Modern Development Specialist

Responsible Data Forum: “The engine room is excited to release new adaptations of the responsible development data book that we now fondly refer to as, “The Hand-Book of the Modern Development Specialist: Being a Complete Illustrated Guide to Responsible Data Usage, Manners & General Deportment.”

You can now view this resource on its new webpage, where you can read chapter summaries for quickresources, utilize slide decks complete with presenter notes, and read the original resource with a newdesign make-over….

Freshly Released Adaptations

The following adaptations can be found on our Hand-book webpage.

  • Chapter summaries: Chapter summaries enable readers to get a taste of section content, allow them to know if the particular section is of relative use, provides a simple overview if they aren’t comfortable diving right into the book, or gives a memory jog for those who are already familiar withthe content.
  • Slide deck templates: The slide decks enable in-depth presentation based on the structure of the book by using its diagrams. This will help responsible data advocates customize slides for their own organization’s needs. These decks are complete with thorough notes to aide a presenter that may not be an expert on the contents.
  • New & improved book format: Who doesn’t love a makeover? The original resource is still available to download as a printable file for those that prefer book formatting, and now the document sports improved visuals and graphics….(More)”