The State of Open Data Policy Repository

The State of Open Data Policy Repository is a collection of recent policy developments surrounding open data, data reuse, and data collaboration around the world. 

A refinement of compilation of policies launched at the Open Data Policy Summit last year, the State of Open Data Policy Online Repository is an interactive resource that looks at recent legislation, directives, and proposals that affect open data and data collaboration all around the world. It captures what kinds of data collaboration issues policymakers are currently focused on and where the momentum for data innovation is heading in countries around the world.

Users can filter policies according to region, country, focus, and type of data sharing. The review currently surfaced approximately 60 examples of recent legislative acts, proposals, directives, and other policy documents, from which the Open Data Policy Lab draws findings about the need to promote more innovative policy frameworks.

This collection shows that, despite increased interest in the third wave conception of open data, policy development remains nascent. It is primarily concerned with open data repositories at the expense of alternative forms of collaboration. Most policies listed focus on releasing government data and, elsewhere, most nations still don’t have open data rules or a method to put the policies in place. 

This work reveals a pressing need for institutions to create frameworks that can direct data professionals since there are worries that inaction may both allow for misuse of data and lead to missed chances to use data…(More)”.