The Third Wave of Open Data Toolkit

The GovLab: “Today, as part of Open Data Week 2021, the Open Data Policy Lab is launching  The Third Wave of Open Data Toolkit, which provides organizations with specific operational guidance on how to foster responsible, effective, and purpose-driven re-use. The toolkit—authored by Andrew Young, Andrew J. Zahuranec, Stefaan G. Verhulst, and Kateryna Gazaryan—supports the work of data stewards, responsible data leaders at public, private, and civil society organizations empowered to seek new ways to create public value through cross-sector data collaboration. The toolkit provides this support a few different ways. 

First, it offers a framework to make sense of the present and future open data ecosystem. Acknowledging that data re-use is the result of many stages, the toolkit separates each stage, identifying the ways the data lifecycle plays into data collaboration, the way data collaboration plays into the production of insights, the way insights play into conditions that enable further collaboration, and so on. By understanding the processes that data is created and used, data stewards can promote better and more impactful data management. 

Third Wave Framework

Second, the toolkit offers eight primers showing how data stewards can operationalize the actions previously identified as being part of the third wave. Each primer includes a brief explanation of what each action entails, offers some specific ways data stewards can implement these actions, and lists some supplementary pieces that might be useful in this work. The primers, which are available as part of the toolkit and as standalone two-pagers, are…(More)”.