Trust Based Resolving of Conflicts for Collaborative Data Sharing in Online Social Networks

Paper by Nisha P. Shetty et al: “Twenty-first century, the era of Internet, social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter play a predominant role in everybody’s life. Ever increasing adoption of gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets have made social media available all times. This recent surge in online interaction has made it imperative to have ample protection against privacy breaches to ensure a fine grained and a personalized data publishing online. Privacy concerns over communal data shared amongst multiple users are not properly addressed in most of the social media. The proposed work deals with effectively suggesting whether or not to grant access to the data which is co-owned by multiple users. Conflicts in such scenario are resolved by taking into consideration the privacy risk and confidentiality loss observed if the data is shared. For secure sharing of data, a trust framework based on the user’s interest and interaction parameters is put forth. The proposed work can be extended to any data sharing multiuser platform….(More)”.