Turning the Cacophony of the Internet’s Tower of Babel into a Coherent General Collective Intelligence

Paper by Andy E. Williams: “Increasing the number, diversity, or uniformity of opinions in a group does not necessarily imply that those opinions will converge into a single more “intelligent” one, if an objective definition of the term intelligent exists as it applies to opinions. However, a recently developed approach called human-centric functional modeling provides what might be the first general model for individual or collective intelligence. In the case of the collective intelligence of groups, this model suggests how a cacophony of incoherent opinions in a large group might be combined into coherent collective reasoning by a hypothetical platform called “general collective intelligence” (GCI). When applied to solving group problems, a GCI might be considered a system that leverages collective reasoning to increase the beneficial insights that might be derived from the information available to any group. This GCI model also suggests how the collective reasoning ability (intelligence) might be exponentially increased compared to the intelligence of any individual in a group, potentially resulting in what is predicted to be a collective superintelligence….(More)”