AI Accountability Policy Report

Report by NTIA: “Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are rapidly becoming part of the fabric of everyday American life. From customer service to image generation to manufacturing, AI systems are everywhere.

Alongside their transformative potential for good, AI systems also pose risks of harm. These risks include inaccurate or false outputs; unlawful discriminatory algorithmic decision making; destruction of jobs and the dignity of work; and compromised privacy, safety, and security. Given their influence and ubiquity, these systems must be subject to security and operational mechanisms that mitigate risk and warrant stakeholder trust that they will not cause harm….

The AI Accountability Policy Report
 conceives of accountability as a chain of inputs linked to consequences. It focuses on how information flow (documentation, disclosures, and access) supports independent evaluations (including red-teaming and audits), which in turn feed into consequences (including liability and regulation) to create accountability. It concludes with recommendations for federal government action, some of which elaborate on themes in the AI EO, to encourage and possibly require accountability inputs…(More)”.

Graphic showing the AI Accountability Chain model