AI & the sustainable development goals: The state of play

Report by 2030Vision: “…While the world is making progress in some areas, we are falling behind in delivering the SDGs overall. We need all actors – businesses, governments, academia, multilateral institutions, NGOs, and others – to accelerate and scale their efforts to deliver the SDGs, using every tool at their disposal, including artificial intelligence (AI).

In December 2017, 2030Vision published its first report, Uniting to Deliver Technology for the Global Goals, which addressed the role of digital technology – big data, robotics, internet of things, AI, and other technologies – in achieving the SDGs.

In this paper, we focus on AI for the SDGs. AI extends and amplifies the capacity of human beings to understand and solve complex, dynamic, and interconnected systems challenges like the SDGs. Our main objective was to survey the landscape of research and initiatives on AI and the SDGs to identify key themes and questions in need of further exploration. We also reviewed the state of AI and the SDGs in two sectors – food and agriculture and healthcare – to understand if and how AI is being deployed to address the SDGs and the challenges and opportunities in doing so….(More)”.