ALTwitter” – as in the alternate Twitter is the profiles of the Members of European Parliaments built on their Twitter metadata. In spite of the risks and challenges associated with the privacy of ineffectively regulated metadata, the beauty of the metadata which everyone should appreciate lies in its brevity and flexibility.

When you navigate to the profiles of the members of the parliament listed below, you will notice that these profiles give the essence of their interaction with Twitter and the data that they generate there. Without going through all their tweets, one can learn their areas/topics that they work, the device/mediums they use, the type of websites they refer, their sleeping/activity pattern, etc. The amount insight that can be derived from these metadata is indeed more interesting. We intend to present such artifacts in a separate blog post soon.

This open source project is a part of #hakunametadata series (with the earlier module on browsing metadata) is educate about the immense amount of information contained in the metadata that we generate by our day-to-day internet activities. Every bit of data used for this project is from the publically available information on Twitter. Furthermore, this project will be updated periodically and automatically to track the changes.”…(More)”