Building Responsive Investments in Gender Equality using Gender Data System Maturity Models

Tools and resources by Data2X and Open Data Watch: “.. to help countries check the maturity of their gender data systems and set priorities for gender data investments. The new Building Responsive Investments in Data for Gender Equality (BRIDGE) tool is designed for use by gender data focal points in national statistical offices (NSOs) of low- and middle- income countries and by their partners within the national statistical system (NSS) to communicate gender data priorities to domestic sources of financing and international donors.

The BRIDGE results will help gender data stakeholders understand the current maturity level of their gender data system, diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and identify priority areas for improvement. They will also serve as an input to any roadmap or action plan developed in collaboration with key stakeholders within the NSS.

Below are links to and explanations of our ‘Gender Data System Maturity Model’ briefs (a long and short version), our BRIDGE assessment and tools methodology, how-to guide, questionnaire, and scoring form that will provide an overall assessment of system maturity and insight into potential action plans to strengthen gender data systems…(More)”.