Confronting Bias: BSA’s Framework to Build Trust in AI

BSA Software Alliance: “The Framework is a playbook organizations can use to enhance trust in their AI systems through risk management processes that promote fairness, transparency, and accountability. It can be leveraged by organizations that develop AI systems and companies that acquire and deploy such systems as the basis for:
– Internal Process Guidance. The Framework can be used as a tool for organizing and establishing roles,
responsibilities, and expectations for internal risk management processes.
– Training, Awareness, and Education. The Framework can be used to build internal training and education
programs for employees involved in developing and using AI systems, and for educating executives about
the organization’s approach to managing AI bias risks.
– Supply Chain Assurance and Accountability. AI developers and organizations that deploy AI
systems can use the Framework as a basis for communicating and coordinating about their respective roles and responsibilities for managing AI risks throughout a system’s lifecycle.
– Trust and Confidence. The Framework can help organizations communicate information about a
product’s features and its approach to mitigating AI bias risks to a public audience. In that sense, the
Framework can help organizations communicate to the public about their commitment to building
ethical AI systems.
– Incident Response. Following an unexpected incident, the processes and documentation set forth
in the Framework can serve as an audit trail that can help organizations quickly diagnose and remediate
potential problems…(More)”