Creating public sector value through the use of open data

Summary paper prepared as part of “This summary paper provides an overview of the different stakeholder activities undertaken, ranging from surveys to a focus group, and presents the key insights from this campaign regarding data reuse practices, barriers to data reuse in the public sector and suggestions to overcome these barriers. The following recommendations are made to help support public administrations to boost open data value creation.

  • When it comes to raising awareness and communication, any action should also contain examples of data reuse by the public sector. Gathering and communicating such examples and use cases greatly helps in understanding the importance of the role of the public sector as a data reuser
  • When it comes to policy and regulation, it would be beneficial to align the ‘better regulation’ activities and roadmaps of the European Commission with the open data publication activities, in order to better explore the internal data needs. Furthermore, it would be helpful to facilitate a similar alignment and data needs analysis for all European public administrations. For example, this could be done by providing examples, best practices and methodologies on how to map data needs for policy and regulatory purposes.
  • Existing monitoring activities, such as surveys, should be revised to ensure that data reuse by the public sector is included. It would be useful to create a panel of users, based on the existing wide community, that could be used for further surveys.
  • The role of data stewards remains central to favouring reuse. Therefore, examples, best practices and methodologies on the role of data stewards should be included in the support activities – not specifically for public sector reusers, but in general…(More)”.