Crowdsourcing investigative journalism

Convoca in Peru: “…collaborative effort is the essence of Convoca. We are a team of journalists and programmers who work with professionals from different disciplines and generations to expose facts that are hidden by networks of power and affect the life of citizens. We bet on the work in partnership to publish findings of high impact from Peru, where the Amazon survives in almost 60% of the country, in the middle of oil exploitation, minerals and criminal activities such as logging, illegal mining and human trafficking. Fifty percent of social conflicts have as epicenter extractives areas of natural resources where the population and communities with the highest poverty rates live.

Over one year and seven months, Convoca has uncovered facts of public relevance such as the patterns of corruption and secrecy networking with journalists from Latin America and the world. The series of reports with the BRIO platform revealed the cost overruns of highways and public works in Latin American countries in the hands of Brazilian companies financed by the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), nowadays investigated in the most notorious corruption scandal in the region, ‘Lava Jato’. This research won the 2016 Journalistic Excellence Award granted by the Inter American Press Association (SIP). On a global scale, we dove into 11 million and a half files of the ‘Panama Papers’ with more than a hundred media and organizations led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which allowed to undress the world of tax havens where companies and characters hide their fortune.

Our work on extractive industries ‘Excesses unpunished’ won the most important award of data journalism in the world, the Data Journalism Awards 2016, and is a finalist of the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Award which recognized the best of journalism in Latin America. We invite you to be the voice of this effort to keep publishing new reports that allow citizens to make better decisions about their destinies and compel groups of power to come clean about their activities and fulfill their commitments. So join ConBoca: The Power of Citizens Call, our first fundraising campaign alongside our readers. We believe that journalism is a public service….(More)”