Customers, Users or Citizens? Inclusion, Spatial Data and Governance in the Smart City

Paper by Linnet Taylor, Christine Richter, Shazade Jameson and Carmen Perez de Pulgar: “This report discusses the use and governance of spatial data in Amsterdam’s smart city projects. How much does spatial data tell the city about its people, and how is that likely to change in the next decade? The project focuses especially on those who may be marginalised or challenged by increasing visibility due to the use of big data in the future smart city: various groups were interviewed including immigrants, children, sex workers, opt-outs of smart technologies, and technology developers. They were asked how they felt about their personal ‘data-sphere’, the level of data-awareness and the kind of consultation they would like to see as citizens of a smart city, and how they felt about increasing interaction between the city and private-sector partners around digital data. The report presents a social roadmap for the datafied city’s future, and addresses the question of how the city can build an inclusive and responsive spatial data governance infrastructure….(More)”