Data Ownership: Exploring Implications for Data Privacy Rights and Data Valuation

Hearing by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs:”…As a result of an increasingly digital economy, more personal information is available to companies than ever before.
Private companies are collecting, processing, analyzing and sharing considerable data on individuals for all kinds of purposes.

There have been many questions about what personal data is being collected, how it is being collected, with whom it is being shared and how it is being used, including in ways that affect individuals’ financial lives.

Given the vast amount of personal information flowing through the economy, individuals need real control over their personal data. This Committee has held a series of data privacy hearings exploring possible
frameworks for facilitating privacy rights to consumers. Nearly all have included references to data as a new currency or commodity.

The next question, then, is who owns it? There has been much debate about the concept of data ownership, the monetary value of personal information and its potential role in data privacy…..The witnesses will be: 

  1. Mr. Jeffrey Ritter Founding Chair, American Bar Association Committee on Cyberspace Law, External Lecturer
  2. Mr. Chad Marlow Senior Advocacy And Policy Counsel American Civil Liberties Union
  3. Mr. Will Rinehart Director Of Technology And Innovation Policy American Action Forum
  4. Ms. Michelle Dennedy Chief Executive Officer DrumWave Inc.