Driving Excellence in Official Statistics: Unleashing the Potential of Comprehensive Digital Data Governance

Paper by Hossein Hassani and Steve McFeely: “With the ubiquitous use of digital technologies and the consequent data deluge, official statistics faces new challenges and opportunities. In this context, strengthening official statistics through effective data governance will be crucial to ensure reliability, quality, and access to data. This paper presents a comprehensive framework for digital data governance for official statistics, addressing key components, such as data collection and management, processing and analysis, data sharing and dissemination, as well as privacy and ethical considerations. The framework integrates principles of data governance into digital statistical processes, enabling statistical organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital environment. Drawing on case studies and best practices, the paper highlights successful implementations of digital data governance in official statistics. The paper concludes by discussing future trends and directions, including emerging technologies and opportunities for advancing digital data governance…(More)”.