E-Government Strategy, ICT and Innovation for Citizen Engagement

Brief by Dennis Anderson, Robert Wu, Dr. June-Suh Cho, and Katja Schroeder: “This book discusses three levels of e-government and national strategies to reach a citizen-centric participatory e-government, and examines how disruptive technologies help shape the future of e-government. The authors examine how e-government can facilitate a symbiotic relationship between the government and its citizens. ICTs aid this relationship and promote transparencies so that citizens can place greater trust in the activities of their government. If a government can manage resources more effectively by better understanding the needs of its citizens, it can create a sustainable environment for citizens. Having a national strategy on ICT in government and e-government can significantly reduce government waste, corruption, and inefficiency. Businesses, CIOs and CTOs in the public sector interested in meeting sustainability requirements will find this book useful. …(More)”