Ethical Machines: The Human-centric Use of Artificial Intelligence

Paper by B.Lepri, N.Oliver, and A.Pentland: “Today’s increased availability of large amounts of human behavioral data and advances in Artificial Intelligence are contributing to a growing reliance on algorithms to make consequential decisions for humans, including those related to access to credit or medical treatments, hiring, etc. Algorithmic decision-making processes might lead to more objective decisions than those made by humans who may be influenced by prejudice, conflicts of interest, or fatigue. However, algorithmic decision-making has been criticized for its potential to lead to privacy invasion, information asymmetry, opacity, and discrimination. In this paper, we describe available technical solutions in three large areas that we consider to be of critical importance to achieve a human-centric AI: (1) privacy and data ownership; (2) accountability and transparency; and (3) fairness. We also highlight the criticality and urgency to engage multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and citizens to co-develop and evaluate in the real-world algorithmic decision-making processes designed to maximize fairness, accountability and transparency while respecting privacy….(More)”.