Female Victims of Gendered Violence, Their Human Rights and the Innovative Use of Data Technology to Predict, Prevent and Pursue Harms

Paper by Jamie Grace: “This short paper has the objective of making the case for more investment to explore the use of data-driven technology to predict, prevent and pursue criminal harms against women. The paper begins with an overview of the contemporary scale of the issues, and the current problem of recording data on serious violent and sexual offending against women, before moving on to consider the current status and strength of positive obligations under UK human rights law to protect victims of intimate partner violence. The paper then looks at some examples of how data tech can augment policing of serious criminal harms against women, before turning to consider some of the legal problems concerning potential bias, inaccuracies and transparency that can dog ‘predictive policing’ in particular. Finally, a conclusion is offered up which explores the degree to which investment and exploration of the predictive policing of intimate partner violence must be pursued at the same time as better oversight mechanisms are also developed for the use of machine learning technology in public protection roles, since the two emphases go hand in hand…(More)”.