Using Geodata and Geolocation in the Social Sciences: Mapping our Connected World

Book by David Abernathy: “Big data is upon us. With the ‘internet of things’ now a reality, social scientists must get to grips with the complex network of location-based data in order to ask questions and address problems in an increasingly networked, globalizing world.

Using Geodata and Geolocation in the Social Sciences: Mapping our Connected World provides an engaging and accessible introduction to the Geoweb with clear, step-by-step guides for:

  • capturing Geodata from sources including GPS, sensor networks, and Twitter
  • visualizing Geodata using programmes including QGIS, GRASS and R

Packed with colour images and practical exercises, this book is the perfect guide for students and researchers looking to incorporate location-based data into their social science research….(More) (Companion Website)”