Global Data Stewardship

On-line Course by Stefaan G. Verhulst: “Creating a systematic and sustainable data access program is critical for data stewardship. What you do with your data, how you reuse it, and how you make it available to the general public can help others reimagine what’s possible for data sharing and cross-sector data collaboration. In this course, instructor Stefaan Verhulst shows you how to develop and manage data reuse initiatives as a competent and responsible global data steward.

Following the insights of current research and practical, real-world examples, learn about the growing importance of data stewardship, data supply, and data demand to understand the value proposition and societal case for data reuse. Get tips on designing and implementing data collaboration models, governance framework, and infrastructure, as well as best practices for measuring, sunsetting, and supporting data reuse initiatives. Upon completing this course, you’ll be ready to start pushing your new skill set and continue your data stewardship learning journey….(More)”