Governing Missions in the European Union

Report by Marianna Mazucatto: “This report, Governing Missions, looks at the ‘how’: how to implement and govern a mission-oriented process so that it unleashes the full creativity and ambition potential of R&I policy-making; and how it crowds-in investments from across Europe in the process. The focus is on 3 key questions:

  • How to engage citizens in codesigning, co-creating, co-implementing
    and co-assessing missions?
  • What are the public sector capabilities and instruments needed to foster a dynamic innovation ecosystem, including the ability of civil servants to welcome experimentation and help governments work outside silos?
  • How can mission-oriented finance and funding leverage and crowd-in other forms of finance, galvanising innovation across actors (public, private and third sector), different manufacturing and service sectors, and across national and transnational levels?…(More)”.