Incentivising research data sharing: a scoping review

Paper by Helen Buckley Woods and Stephen Pinfield: “Numerous mechanisms exist to incentivise researchers to share their data. This scoping review aims to identify and summarise evidence of the efficacy of different interventions to promote open data practices and provide an overview of current research….Seven major themes in the literature were identified: publisher/journal data sharing policies, metrics, software solutions,research data sharing agreements in general, open science ‘badges’, funder mandates, and initiatives….

A number of key messages for data sharing include: the need to build on existing cultures and practices, meeting people where they are and tailoring interventions to support them; the importance of publicising and explaining the policy/service widely; the need to have disciplinary data champions to model good practice and drive cultural change; the requirement to resource interventions properly; and the imperative to provide robust technical infrastructure and protocols, such as labelling of data sets, use of DOIs, data standards and use of data repositories….(More)”.