Introducing Sourcelist: Promoting diversity in technology policy

Susan Hennessey at Brookings: “…delighted to announce the launch of Sourcelist, a database of experts in technology policy from diverse backgrounds.

Here at Brookings, we built Sourcelist on the principle that technology policymaking stands to benefit from the inclusion of the voices of a broader diversity of people. It aims to help journalists, conference planners, and others to identify and connect with experts outside of their usual sources and panelists. Sourcelist’s purpose is to facilitate more diverse representation by leveraging technology to create a user-friendly resource for people whose decisions can make a difference. We hope that Sourcelist will take away the excuse that diverse experts couldn’t be found to comment on a story or participate on a panel.

Our first database is devoted to Women+. Countless organizations now recognize the institutional barriers that women and underrepresented gender identities face in tech policy. Sourcelist is a resource for those hoping to put recognition into practice.

I want to take the opportunity to personally thank the incredible team at Objectively that took an idea and turned it into the remarkable resource we’re launching today….(More)”.