Knowledge, Policymaking and Learning for European Cities and Regions: From Research to Practice

Knowledge, Policymaking and Learning for European Cities and Regions

Book edited by Nicola Francesco Dotti: “This book provides theories, experiences, reflections and future directions for social scientists who wish to engage with policy-oriented research in, and for, cities and regions. The ‘policy learning’ perspective is comprehensively discussed, focusing on actors promoting ‘policy knowledge’ and interaction among different stakeholders.

Theoretical frameworks and practical experiences of policy-orientated research for European regions and cities are comprehensively explored in this timely book. The authors review current theories and present novel case studies of policy-orientated research. By combining policy analysis with urban and regional studies, the book highlights how researchers can be agents of policy learning, helping policymakers to learn how to learn.

This book offers unique, real world insights for researchers, practitioners and stakeholders interested in research-based approaches to cities and regions….(More)”