New Tool to Establish Responsible Data Collaboratives in the Time of COVID-19

Announcement: “To address the COVID-19 pandemic and other dynamic threats, The GovLab has called for the development of a new data infrastructure and ecosystem. Establishing data collaboratives in a responsible manner often necessitates the creation of data sharing agreements and other legal documentation — a strain on time and capacity both for data holders and those who could use data in the public interest.

Today, to support the development of data collaboratives in a responsible and agile way, we are sharing a new tool that addresses the complexity in preparing a Data Sharing Agreement from Contracts for Data Collaboration (a joint initiative of SDSN-TReNDS, the World Economic Forum, The GovLab, and the University of Washington’s Information Risk Research Initiative). Providing a checklist to support organizations with reviewing, negotiating and preparing Data Sharing Arrangements, the intent is to strengthen stakeholder trust and help accelerate responsible data sharing arrangements given the urgency of the global pandemic.

(Please note that the check list is a tool for formulating and understanding legal issues, but we are not offering it as legal advice.)