Privacy Tech’s Third Generation

“A Review of the Emerging Privacy Tech Sector” by Privacy Tech Alliance and Future of Privacy Forum: “As we enter the third phase of development of the privacy tech market, purchasers are demanding more integrated solutions, product offerings are more comprehensive, and startup valuations are higher than ever, according to a new report from the Future of Privacy Forum and Privacy Tech Alliance. These factors are leading to companies providing a wider range of services, acting as risk management platforms, and focusing on support of business outcomes.

According to the report, “Privacy Tech’s Third Generation: A Review of the Emerging Privacy Tech Sector,” regulations are often the biggest driver for buyers’ initial privacy tech purchases. Organizations also are deploying tools to mitigate potential harms from the use of data. However, buyers serving global markets increasingly need privacy tech that offers data availability and control and supports its utility, in addition to regulatory compliance. 

The report finds the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global marketplace adoption of privacy tech as dependence on digital technologies grows. Privacy is becoming a competitive differentiator in some sectors, and TechCrunch reports that 200+ privacy startups have together raised more than $3.5 billion over hundreds of individual rounds of funding….(More)”.