Regulating Cross-Border Data Flows

Book by Bryan Mercurio, and Ronald Yu: “Data is now one of, if not the world’s most valuable resource. The adoption of data-driven applications across economic sectors has made data and the flow of data so pervasive that it has become integral to everything we as members of society do – from conducting our finances to operating businesses to powering the apps we use every day. For this reason, governing cross-border data flows is inherently difficult given the ubiquity and value of data, and the impact government policies can have on national competitiveness, business attractiveness and personal rights. The challenge for governments is to address in a coherent manner the broad range of data-related issues in the context of a global data-driven economy.

This book engages with the unexplored topic of why and how governments should develop a coherent and consistent strategic framework regulating cross-border data flows. The objective is to fill a very significant gap in the legal and policy setting by considering multiple perspectives in order to assist in the development of a jurisdiction’s coherent and strategic policy framework…(More)“.