Spatial data trusts: an emerging governance framework for sharing spatial data

Paper by Nenad Radosevic et al: “Data Trusts are an important emerging approach to enabling the much wider sharing of data from many different sources and for many different purposes, backed by the confidence of clear and unambiguous data governance. Data Trusts combine the technical infrastructure for sharing data with the governance framework of a legal trust. The concept of a data Trust applied specifically to spatial data offers significant opportunities for new and future applications, addressing some longstanding barriers to data sharing, such as location privacy and data sovereignty. This paper introduces and explores the concept of a ‘spatial data Trust’ by identifying and explaining the key functions and characteristics required to underpin a data Trust for spatial data. The work identifies five key features of spatial data Trusts that demand specific attention and connects these features to a history of relevant work in the field, including spatial data infrastructures (SDIs), location privacy, and spatial data quality. The conclusions identify several key strands of research for the future development of this rapidly emerging framework for spatial data sharing…(More)”.