The Landscape of Big Data and Gender

Report by Data2X: “This report draws out six observations about trends in big data and gender:

– The current environment COVID-19 and the global economic recession is stimulating groundbreaking gender research.

– Where we’re progressing, where we’re lagging Some gendered topics—especially mobility, health, and social norms—are increasingly well-studied through the combination of big data and traditional data. However, worrying gaps remain, especially around the subjects of economic opportunity, human security, and public participation.

– Capturing gender-representative samples using big data continues to be a challenge, but progress is being made.

– Large technology firms generate an immense volume of gender data critical for policymaking, and researchers are finding ways to reuse this data safely.

– Data collaboratives that bring private sector data-holders, researchers, and public policymakers together in a formal, enduring relationship can help big data make a practical difference in the lives of women and girls….(More)”