Transform Government From The Outside In

Review by GCN of a new report by Forrester: “Agencies struggles to match the customer experience available from the private sector, and that causes citizens to become dissatisfied with government. In fact, seven of the 10 worst organizations in the Forrester’s U.S. Customer Experience Index are federal agencies, and only a third of Americans say their experience with the government meets expectations.

FINDINGS: To keep up with public expectations, Forrester found governments must embrace mobile, turn big data into actionable insights, improve the customer experience and accelerate digital government.  Among the recommendations:

Agencies must shift their thinking to make mobile the primary platform for connection between citizens and government.  Government staff should also have mobile access to the tools and resources needed to complete tasks in the field. Agencies should learn what mobile methods work best for citizens, ensure all citizen services are mobile-friendly and use the mobile platform for sharing information with the public and gathering incident reports and sentiments. By building mobile-friendly infrastructure and processes, like municipal Wi-Fi hotspots, the government (and its services) can be constantly connected to its citizens and businesses.

Governments must find ways to integrate, share and use the large amounts of data and analytics it collects. By aggregating citizen-driven data from precinct-level or agency-specific databases and data collected by systems already in place, the government can increase responsiveness, target areas in need and make better short-term decisions and long-term plans. Opening data to researchers, the private sector and citizens can also spark innovation across industries.

Better customer experience has a ripple effect through government, improving the efficacy of legislation, compliance, engagement and the effectiveness of government offices. This means making processes such as applying for healthcare, registering a car or paying taxes easier and available with highly functioning user-friendly websites.  Such improvements in  communication and digital customer service, will save citizens’ time, increase the use of government services and reduce agencies’ workloads….(More)”