Unleashing collective intelligence for public decision-making: the Data for Policy community

Paper by Zeynep Engin, Emily Gardner, Andrew Hyde, Stefaan Verhulst and Jon Crowcroft: “Since its establishment in 2014, Data for Policy (https://dataforpolicy.org) has emerged as a prominent global community promoting interdisciplinary research and cross-sector collaborations in the realm of data-driven innovation for governance and policymaking. This report presents an overview of the community’s evolution from 2014 to 2023 and introduces its six-area framework, which provides a comprehensive mapping of the data for policy research landscape. The framework is based on extensive consultations with key stakeholders involved in the international committees of the annual Data for Policy conference series and the open-access journal Data & Policy published by Cambridge University Press. By presenting this inclusive framework, along with the guiding principles and future outlook for the community, this report serves as a vital foundation for continued research and innovation in the field of data for policy...(More)”.oeoMMrMrM..Andrew Hyde,Stefaan Verhulst[Opens in a new window] and