Urban Future with a Purpose

Deloitte Report: “The world is going through a transformative journey and so are cities. As centers of innovation and shared prosperity, cities are where the future happens first, hence envisioning the Future of Cities is anticipating the future of human living.

This report comprises 12 main trends that will affect our urban living in the upcoming future, its explanation, impact and key case studies where they are being implemented. Under this research project, Deloitte has listened to experts from all over the globe. These include Mayors of reference cities across the globe, international organizations leaders, urban policy institutions, as well as notorious urban planners, practitioners and researchers. Their views and insights offer further depth to our analysis.

Covering domains such as Mobility, Living & Health, Government & Education, Energy & Environment, Safety & Security and Economy, the purpose of our 360-degree comprehensive analysis is to create a constructive tool for everyone to use and practice what moves us day-by-day: foretell, design and build better cities….(More)”.