Urban technology analysis matrix

New Paper by  Pablo Emilio Branchi , Carlos Fernández-Valdivielso , and Ignacio Raúl Matías: “Our objective is to develop a method for better analyzing the utility and impact of new technologies on Smart Cities. We have designed a tool that will evaluate new technologies according to a three-pronged scoring system that considers the impact on physical space, environmental issues, and city residents. The purpose of this tool is to be used by city planners as part of a strategic approach to the implementation of a Smart City initiative in order to reduce unnecessary public spending and ensure the optimal allocation of city resources….

The paper provides a list of the different elements to be analyzed in Smart Cities in the form of a matrix and develops the methodology to evaluate them in order to obtain a final score for technologies prior to its application in cities….Traditional technological scenarios have been challenged, and Smart Cities have become the center of urban competitiveness. A lack of clarity has been detected in the way of describing what Smart Cities are, and we try to establish a methodology for urban policy makers to do so. As a dynamic process that affects several aspects, researchers are encouraged to test the proposed solution further. (More)”